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wThursday, June 29, 2006

here are a bunch of words written by Indigo at 9:07 PM

The New Pollution

In case anyone was wondering, I'm back.

Check me out. I'm Mac powered now, baby.


wMonday, May 01, 2006

here are a bunch of words written by Indigo at 10:07 PM

The End, My Friend

Well, I think it is safe to say that I am no longer motivated to write here. I am going to stop. But I am not going away. I am changing formats. Look on here for a series of podcasts in the next few weeks. The podcasts will be:

What Live Is Like - This will be a live music review podcast of shows and festivals that I attend.

Music For Your Soul - This will be a music review/artist interview (on occasion) podcast.

So, you aren't totally losing me, Internet. As for the writing, it's been great writing here for the last few years. I've truly enjoyed it. But it is time to move on to something more...modern.

Someday we'll find it
A rainbow connection
The Lovers
The Dreamers
And Me

* Final title by The Doors


wMonday, April 17, 2006

here are a bunch of words written by Indigo at 10:19 PM

"Wow!" shouts the startled crowd "Now now did you see what i did see?"

I was fortunate enought to get to see the final show of the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah tour on Saturday night at the Bowery Ballroom. And I as expected, I was oh so impressed with their energy and on-stage presence. I have fallen in love with the music of this band over the last eight months or so. Not only are they immensely talented and different sounding than damn near everyone else out there right now, but they are an amazing success story. They released their album on their own label and have had no trouble selling it and selling out every concert hall they have played. With amazing rhythms and singer Alec Ounsworth's off-key voice, they've taken the indie world by storm.

The show opened with Let The Cool Goddess Rust Away and knocked out every stellar number on their self-titled debut album. I am pleased to say that every non-album track was just as good, which should provide for an outstanding follow up, hopefully later this year or early next. It's also a great feeling when you enjoy a band's music so much that you see them enjoying their music on stage as well. I cannot encourage everyone enough to check this band out.

Brooklyn Vegan has pictures from the show.
Audiovant has an interview with Alec Ounsworth.


wMonday, April 10, 2006

here are a bunch of words written by Indigo at 5:25 PM

God Only Knows What I'd Be Without You

I had the most incredible weekend and it was all due to the wonderful people I call my friends. So much so that I even had fun at a dance club on Friday night. I saw Karen Naomi and Fishing For Comets on Saturday. They were both amazing. And as for all my Unitarian bretheren - you make my world go around. Thank you!

* Today's title by The Beach Boys


wWednesday, April 05, 2006

here are a bunch of words written by Indigo at 7:15 AM

Found Found Found

I discovered a new magazine called Found. There are only four issues that have been published and I have three. The point of the magazine is that people find random pictures, notes, and such and send them in to this magazine. They publish these items into a magazine about once a year. The website has a few of these finds. Some are really interesting and others are just plain funny. I think you can find them at Borders and several other independent bookstores.

I might be one of the few, but I really find this stuff cool and interesting. And now, I am looking for stuff to send in everywhere I go.

I also bought the PostSecret book.

* Today's title by Morrissey


wWednesday, March 29, 2006

here are a bunch of words written by Indigo at 6:56 PM

The Mendoza Line/The Silos/The Minus 5

I visited the Mercury Lounge for the first time last night to see some bands. I thought the venue was pretty cool and intimate. Here is what I thought of each act.

8:30 - The Mendoza Line. These guys and gals are one of my more recent favorite since seeing and meeting them at SXSW. One might argue that they were the entire reason I went last night. At any rate, their show was fantastic. They mixed their country and rock tunes quite well. The stage banter between Shannon and Timothy provided for some good comedy.

9:45 - The Silos. I wasn't remotely familiar with this band, but they were pretty good. Their jangly and hard rock rhythms kept me rather entertained.

11:00 - The Minus 5. I was only familiar with The Minus 5 from the album they did with Wilco a few years back, which I adored. That and a few songs I've heard hear and there that I thought were pretty good. So, I had high expectations for this Scott McCaughey project. I also learned that R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck was a member of this band. I was thrilled when they started playing and absolutely rocked. The Down With Wilco album is fairly soft. But the songs they were playing had quite a bit of kick to them. I will be checking out their latest album, With A Gun, very soon.


wMonday, March 20, 2006

here are a bunch of words written by Indigo at 7:51 PM

SXSW Thoughts

This was my first experience at SXSW and I don't think it will be my last. I really enjoyed the entire experience. The conference and music performances were well organized. And I'd like to congratulate the city of Austin, which as usual, had it together to enable this event. I was very impressed with how few police officers needed to be around.

SXSW is not for the casual music fan. Aside from the cost, it requires endurance for getting around and a passion and appreciation for music and live performances. I think it also fosters a great environment for interaction between fans, industry folks, and artists. It was very cool to be able to meet members of The Castanets, Page France, and The Mendoza Line. It was great to be in such an intimate environment as many of them played. A majority of them are just walking around waiting to see other acts. And just like everyone enjoys being told what great work they do, these artists do as well.

In a time when mainstream music is pushing the concept of the "single", these artist hang on to the idea of making a great album. Many of them are involved in more than one band and more than just musicians. It's their life and it's what they do.

It was also nice to hear from industry personnel about where they believe the direction of music is going along with the changes in technology. It was also interesting to hear from artists that have been around for a while talk.

This was unlike any music festival that I have ever been to in that it had very few "big" acts that might bring people out. I'll be attending Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and ACL this year. I expect them all to be great, but nothing like this. It's something all its own.

On a less serious note, I enjoyed many PBR tallboys over the week. This guy is lucky that I didn't accost him.